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…about “The Cheeky Chappie”

“Jo Price plays Kathleen Marsh with style…”
– Kevin Catchpole, The British Theatre Guide

“The Cast is a perfect ensemble…the appreciation of the audience was much in evidence. Go and see this production while we’re lucky to have it.”
– London SE1 News

“Jo Price as Kathleen recreates only too believably a relationship that’s gone sour…” – Michael Darvell, What’s On in London

“Jo Price gives a great performance as Kathleen Miller. Quite naive, but innocently tender scenes with the man she loves…”
– Michael Holland, Southwark London News

“Jo Price as his beautiful wife Kathleen falls easily into the mother figure to Miller that bound the two so closely over the years.”
– Paul Vale, The Stage

“The Cheeky Chappie is a hugely enjoyable show and it belongs in a much bigger venue.” – Lloyd Evans, The Spectator